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Living Learning Libraries

Where youths want to read, learn, and be inspired!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Northlake branch)

Jupiter, FL (Abacoa branch)


Thank you, donors! We are grateful for your investment in the children, teens, and families of Palm Beach/Martin County, and our attempt to rescue wonderfully retro children's books! (We are a 501c3.)

The thousands of rare "living books" which we have unearthed and secured for area youths in this library are the scarce, highly sought book-gems from the "Golden Age of Youth Literature." They are so called not only thanks to the surpassing quality of writing and illustration which stirs children and teens deeply, but also because they immerse readers in truly important topics of history, art, science, exploration, government, etc., which are rarely covered in modern books. 

These "living books" are so rich! They overflow with patriotism, character, sacrifice, nation-building, discovery, invention, and accomplishment, and have had a profound impact on our younger users over the last 20 years (in our Michigan library), even quickly drawing the most reluctant readers into a love of reading, learning, and personal growth! We see it all the time, and have now opened this second library here in Florida! These books are rarely found in public or school libraries, making our library a happy necessity. Thank you for making that possible! 

BUSINESS DONORS: Requested $1oo/month, which includes a complimentary library membership for one family: from your business, or a scholarship to a waiting family. Also includes a monthly "thank-you" to your business on our library's Facebook page, letting all members know of your admirable support and encouraging patronage of your business!

PERSONAL DONORS: Requested $29.95/monthly, equal to cost of a membership.

Any gift is appreciated, and credited to you for tax benefit. We pray the Lord's blessing on your family and business! Thank you.... Living Learning Libraries

It is wonderful for us to read these high-quality books that are not available at the public library and yet too numerous to purchase.


We were accustomed to free getting by with the minimal living books which we could afford to purchase. This is not sufficient to create the atmosphere of learning which I long for in our home. This library is a dream come true for me… These books are transforming our home already. A.S.

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