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Living Learning Libraries

Where youths want to read, learn, and be inspired!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Northlake branch)

Jupiter, FL (Abacoa branch)

My husband and I just went through the Five-in-a-Row (FIAR) totes. The amount of love and care put into forming each collection is astounding...but this first opinion was multiplied by 1,000 when I had a second chance to review more closely. The amount of research/prep that it removes for me is incalculable, but suffice it to say that it will be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier and will allow me to spend much more time with my children instead of spending time preparing to be with my children. It is going to so heavily impact our ability to successfully use Five-in-a-Row!

The gentle care that you have taken to correlate the supplemental books with the core FIAR title is incredible. For example, the FIAR manual suggests counting the members of Ping's family and continuing on with various counting projects. The book you included is not only a counting book, but continues with the idea from Ping that each little one is precious and counted. It isn't lost on me that you didn't just include any counting book, but you picked one with meaning significant to the FIAR story line. That type of connectivity cannot be accomplished by an automated word search in a computer card catalog --- it can only be done with an intimate knowledge of each and every book. Color me impressed.

--Lisa, Boynton Beach, FL

The Richest & Most Successful Entry to Home Education...

"Five-in-a-Row" Curriculum!

A Wonderful Start! We'd love to ease your entry into education for young children (whether prior to institutional or home education). You're in for a treat, in our opinion, a lovely, soaring, joyous experience beyond your imagination, both in relationship and learning! Let go of stress. Relax into the award-winning Five-in-a-Row curriculum.

Snuggle! Snuggle on the couch, in the hammock, around the table, or on a blanket in the shade, and let each Five-in-a-Row (FIAR) manual lead exploration of specific, beloved, children's books in a surprisingly thorough way. You'll cover the "academic subjects" on your to-do list (history, geography, science, English, and math) more richly than you'd dream, going to fascinating places and times: the Arctic, Renaissance Venice, the cotton fields of a slave girl, China's Yangtze River, Russia, 1910's France, the Spice Islands, etc. Plus, you'll bask in art and the beauty of language, a crucial element of education!

Ready-to-Go Home With You! We make it easy. We've prepared take-home totes, with the main book covered in each FIAR unit, and--uniquely--a "living book" for those many subjects brought out by the FIAR manuals. We can do this because we're a "living books" library, with oodles of the best and rarest book gems available. Here's a chance to dig in to many!

How to Get Started! Two easy steps...

    1) Purchase your FIAR manual ( It is rightfully copyrighted. Our totes won't make sense without you owning FIAR's brilliant manuals. FIAR also offers supplementary resources, such as a Bible & Character aid.

2) Join our library, choosing an option which includes Five-in-a-Row totes. You can select FIAR-Only...or regular library membership+FIAR so you can enjoy all our resources.

Relax...and Succeed! You'll have a lovely foundational experience in early or home-education. The children absorb the most important lessons: they are created to learn, books are treasures, reading is fun, learning is rewarding & relational, as Charlotte Mason expresses. (Note: "Before-Five-in-a-Row" is for ages 2-4, and "Five-in-a-Row" is for ages 4-8.) Your early-education will be thorough, enriching, successful, and enjoyable. Find out why everyone raves! You'll be glad you did!

See how Before-Five-in-a-Row curriculum (ages 2-4) is great preparation for Classical & Charlotte Mason, and institutional, education....