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Living Learning Libraries

Where youths want to read, learn, and be inspired!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Northlake branch)

Jupiter, FL (Abacoa branch)


MAJOR News for Living Library!

Since you're all parents, you've watched your tender baby on the threshold of walking, when they've outgrown humble creeping, and are about to become upright and much more capable. That word-picture describes an amazing threshold for the library ministry right now!

Even your children have told me they're praying for a larger library space. I've longed for their prayerful faith to have encouraging effect, and so it has! Because, one of the library moms initiated a small group of potential donors, who have decided (praise the Lord and thank you!) to commit--are you sitting down?--$150,000 over the next three years to secure a lease of that same 3-year length on a much larger space. I  was overcome when I heard the news, and others of you have generously mentioned that if a larger/more effective space is being sought, you'd also like to participate. Amazing!

So, while this initial gift is enormous, we need to raise an additional $75,000, because the actual costs of adequate commercial space (so that, at last, we can offer more needed services) are higher yet. So-without any pressure--please allow me to put forward this need amongst our library family here, in case any of you would like to contribute to this epic step, or know others who would. Because the library is a 501c3, any donation is fully tax-deductible, of course. The goal could be met if, for example, 25 could give the equivalent of $1,000 for the next three years, but preferably in one up-front gift, so we could ascertain, before signing the lease, if we'll have the funds to commit to all 3 years of the lease. But any gift, at any pace, helps...truly. The lease decision has come quickly, as a possibly ideal location has arisen. 

Guess what?!  Since we first published this yesterday, a fellow library member has offered to MATCH GIFTS up to $25,000!  So, every gift will be doubled to that point!  What hath God wrought?!

I know this seems a big "ask," but we have a big God who "provides seed to the sower." If He should provide such seed, and lead you to sow it into this ministry's expansion (as happened earlier this week, thank you, C), we are eager to meet the needs of the growing number of families realizing that culture's offerings in youth literature/education are often pernicious, so they'll need truthful support and nourishing resources toward inspired education of their children/teens, as you're doing already! To that end, we'd be most grateful to put donated funds toward the library being rooted in a more central location, which will increase its outreach, services, growth, and stability. (A mailed check saves fees, while a super-quick online option is also available h​e​re.)

Lastly, it would be wonderful to form a prayer team for this ministry, as we seek the Lord's guidance, protection, and provision. To be part, please contact Rachael Ervin ([email protected]), who has kindly agreed to serve as leader.

Knowing each of you is a privilege, and we're so grateful for your participation in, and support of, this ministry endeavor! Oh, if any of you have marketing skills, we'd love to chat!

Thank you very much for your gracious and prayerful consideration,


Living Learning Library

4238 W Main St.

Jupiter, FL 33458