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Living Learning Libraries

Where youths want to read, learn, and be inspired!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Northlake branch)

Jupiter, FL (Abacoa branch)

Parents Just Like You Have Said...

It rocked my world when I discovered my children could learn and retain rich history through beautiful words and illustrations. It changed the way I saw education. But what you are providing is a gift far beyond even that! We have access to what feels like an endless amount of of luscious literature in a safe environment at any moment! It's awesome.


I can't believe I ever hesitated for a moment about joining! We just had the wonderful opportunity to realize what has been missing in our older son's reading journey. He LOVES non-fiction. And the majority of books we were previously able to find for him were mostly captioned photos -- but there was nothing to connect everything. Basically, he picks what is of interest to him and skips the rest. When I have tried to get non-fiction books elsewhere for him, they are either at too low a level (pg 1 - This is a bear. pg 2 - Bears live in woods) or far too clinically complex, apparently designed for early research projects for school children. Looking at your narrative 'living' non-fiction books opened my eyes as to the type of books he needs to continue to grow as a reader of prose in a way that will be exciting, informative, and age-appropriate. A super huge win for us! Thank you for providing an essential service to today's youth (and their parents!!!!)

Lisa, Boynton Beach, Florida

We were accustomed to getting by with the minimal living books which we could afford to purchase. This was not sufficient to create the atmosphere of learning which I long for in our home. This library is a dream come true. These books are transforming our home already.


For all those living in and around Palm Beach County - the "Living Learning Library" is an intellectual gem for the seeker of excellence in education...offering thousands...of the most exquisite volumes (in English), of which the majority cannot be found anywhere else. The director and lead librarian Michelle Miller Howard is able to point out exactly what kind of literature will benefit your child.

Dr. Annette Brians, Dr. Brians Education, West Palm Beach, FL

I am crazy about books, especially out-of-print treasures. Almost everything on my wish list is at the library, a treasure box waiting for my children. I am surrounded by new readers in my home and I keep bringing home books that please. What would we do without you?


It is wonderful for us to read these high-quality books that are no longer available at the public library and yet too numerous to purchase.


Your library has been an inspiration and a treasure trove to our family! I was brought up with living books as a child, so I recognize the the great work you are doing to preserve this learning experience for my children's generation.


Even though we are financially challenged, I gladly budget each month, because the library actually saves me money! What is more important than having all the resources, though, is the confidence I have in letting my children use them. This is a big deal to me! There is so little time to read, and so few years my kids are at each reading level. I want them to have the very best literature, not just the "currently popular" books. What is a Living Learning Library for but to make available to our children the very best books in both content and style, even though most of these gems are now out-of-print. No Sesame Street-generation books for my kids, thank you. I can hardly wait to see what will come of the children raised on these good books! And, we cannot easily get the best literature for our kids without Living Learning Libraries.


Once we started using good books to teach history, science and literature, Kaycie's love for learning blossomed. She was always a voracious reader, but being able to read quality books from Living Learning Libraries gave her a different standard in what she considered "good." She now evaluates books at other stores or libraries. She has become familiar with authors who have actually changed the direction of her educational interests. She now studies history and literature in college!


All of our employment changes have really caused us to evaluate what is important and we feel that our children's education and resources are a top priority -- and the library is surely an amazing resource to have!