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Living Learning Library

A library of wholesome literature that ignites a passion for learning.

About Us

Help your kids discover a sense of adventure, heroism, and purpose!

Why a special living books library for our children? And, what exactly is a living book?

Imagine a book so life-filled that it "captures attention, secures interest," and "arouses something noble in the heart of the child, without any effort on the part of the teacher or the taught." Sound like what you want your kids to read? Now, imagine thousands of such books--a vivid shared experience at the heart of deep learning, personal character, and family memories--and you have a living books library, such as we first founded (back in 1995) in Traverse City, Michigan. We have another such thriving library (a 501c3) right here in Florida's Palm Beach/Martin area. These libraries are unique, for they offer the now-scarce book gems from the "Golden Age of Children's Literature" (1930s-1960s), books characterized by a lyrical narrative quality and wondrous art which differs from the style in common use now. This retro uniqueness is still beloved by youths (Gr. PreK-12) today, because of its vivid way of inspiring and engaging young hearts--in all the academic spheres--beginning at surprisingly early ages....and even for the most initially reluctant readers! Thus, folks around the nation wish for these vanishing treasures...and here is a library full of them...unearthed, rescued, and ready just for you!

Meet Michelle
Michelle is our Library Curator and Education Artisan

Michelle Miller Howard B.A, University of Alabama, summa cum laude For over 27 years, Michelle has been a librarian, home-education consultant, author, columnist, and speaker, specializing in top-quality living books, educational vision, and history instruction. It began in 1995, when she pioneered, funded, and acquired a library of such rare children's literature, which has been thriving ever since; her Children's Preservation Library (in Michigan) now houses over 20,000 valuable volumes, serving patrons in several counties. Two more libraries, Living Learning Libraries, are thriving in Florida, with plans for additional libraries, and thousands more rare books already acquired.

How To Get Started?
Here is some info to help you get started on your Living Books Journey!

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